The disciple asked the master: "I now try to backup my entire computer every day, but it is always such a chore, and sometimes I forget to do it for days. Surely, there is a better way?"

"Let us visit the town well, for there your thirst for knowledge shall be quenched." replied the master.

Once they were there, the master said: "See how people come to draw water from this well, it is a daily chore for many. But look over yonder at the windmill on the farmers field. The arms of the windmill harness the power of the wind, and that power draws water from the depths of the earth to watering channels. With the right tools the farmer has automated the process of getting water to his fields."

The disciple sighed and said: "I sure wish I could forget about creating backups, and not feel bad about it!"

The master replied: "You must harness the power within your computer system with backup software, it is a tool by which you can automate the creation of backups."

The disciple was overjoyed with his newly acquired knowledge and quickly went online to find where he could buy the best backup software. Next Page...

How to Backup? Backup all Files! Backup data often! Use backup software! Use remote or online backup storage Keep some old backup data for restore purposes Secure your backup data Test you can recover data from the backup? Maintain your backup strategy!
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