The disciple asked the backup master: "Every day my backup software automatically encrypts and backs up all my data. I store backups in multiple secure locations, and all my important data is automatically and securely backed up with an online backup service. Surely now, I have mastered the true way of backup?"

The master inquired: "Do you have full confidence in your backups?"

"Yes" answered the disciple.

The master silently removed the hard drive from the disciples computer, and with a great force smashed it on the ground. Then once again calmly asked: "Do you have full confidence in your backups?"

The disciple now looking quite worried replied: "I think so."

The master said: "You must know so! and you can only know your backups are trustworthy if you have tested that they actually work. A backup failing when attempting a recover data from it is just as bad as failing to backup! I tell you the truth, nothing is worthy of trust that has not proven its integrity through testing. It would be foolish for a king to entrust his life to soldiers that have never been tested in combat, so it is foolish to trust untested backups to save you on the day of disaster." Next Page...
How to Backup? Backup all Files! Backup data often! Use backup software! Use remote or online backup storage Keep some old backup data for restore purposes Secure your backup data Test you can recover data from the backup? Maintain your backup strategy!
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