The disciple said to the master "I now follow all the ways you have taught me, what more can I do to perfect my backup strategy?"

The master replied: "As you follow the ways you have learned, keep that question engraved in your mind, and the true way of backup will open itself up to you. For success is not a destination, but a journey. Trials, and tribulations will come, but the backup system built on the truths I have spoken will endure forever. If corrupted by viruses, it will heal itself, for it is like a flowing fountain that cannot be permanently muddied. If attacked by the hand of its own master, it will simply turn the other cheek. If threatened by fires and flood waters it will fly above them like a dove. Surely no weapon formed against it shall prosper!"

The disciple replied "Knowing the true way of backup has brought me peace, how can I ever thank you?"

The master replied: "The honour has been mine, for you have been a vessel, into which I have poured a backup of my most precious data. Go therefore, far and wide, spreading the light of the true way to those still in darkness, so that their data may also be truly saved."

The disciple pondered how he could best spread the good news about backup to others, and eventually he decided to build a website about the teachings of the backup master. Next Page...

How to Backup? Backup all Files! Backup data often! Use backup software! Use remote or online backup storage Keep some old backup data for restore purposes Secure your backup data Test you can recover data from the backup? Maintain your backup strategy!
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