The disciple came to the master and asked: "How often should I backup my data?"

The master led the disciple into the nearby wilderness, where they saw a lion, and a small cub.

The master asked: "Would you rather wrestle with the old lion, or the young cub?"

"The cub of course" whispered the disciple.

The master replied "So it is, the older a backup, the greater the challenge it will present in the day of trouble. For losing one day's worth of data is easier to overcome than losing many days worth of data. Therefore, as surely as light follows the sun, and thunder follows lightning, so too a backup should follow work."

The disciple asked: "So, if I work every day, I should backup every day?"

"At least once a day." replied the master.

"I see, but today I have too much work to do, so I will start tomorrow." declared the disciple.

The master sighed deeply, and wondered if he was casting pearls to swine. Next Page...
How to Backup? Backup all Files! Backup data often! Use backup software! Use remote or online backup storage Keep some old backup data for restore purposes Secure your backup data Test you can recover data from the backup? Maintain your backup strategy!
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