The backup master came to visit the disciple, who eagerly showed off his latest computer equipment, and boasted how his backup strategy was now flawless, he explained how he had even installed the latest firewall system, and virus protection to ensure his data was secure. "Surely my data will now live forever!" exclaimed the disciple.

The master smiled, and said nothing, but while he was leaving he pocketed a small portable backup hard drive which was lying nearby. Later he accessed the hard drive and found the disciple's most personal files. He printed some out, and mailed them to the disciple anonymously.

Soon after, the disciple came to the master, and said: "An enemy has obtained a copy of my data, and is now trying to blackmail me!"

The master replied: "Here is your missing hard drive, this was but a lesson to teach you that even if your data may live forever, it may not be secure forever. If you value your backup data like treasure, you will keep it hidden, and protected under lock and key, not only in the visible realm, but also in the invisible digital realm."

The disciple looked confused and asked "I can store my backups in a secure place like a safe, but how can I digitally lock away my data?"

The master replied: "Data encryption will do exactly that, it will scramble your data incomprehensible to all that do not have the password key."

The disciple took the hard drive, and went back home eager to find out if his backup software had built-in encryption capabilities. Next Page...

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