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Iomega 120GB REV drive, the future of backup?

Future: Backup with an Iomega 120GB REV drive?

Iomega has announced they will be releasing a 120GB REV drive. Currently the largest one they offer has a capacity of 70GB according to the official site:

What is a REV drive?
A REV drive works similar to an old fashion floppy disk drive. There is the disk drive, and then there are the REV disks (also known as ) onto which the data is stored. The REV drive offers the speed (up to 35MB/second) and flexibility of a hard drive, but with the removability of the tape based storage. Unlike tapes, the cartridges are maintenance-free, and can be rewritten about a million times.

Apparently the yet-to-be released new model will work with REV disks of a 120GB capacity, as well as the older disks for previous models. The REV drive comes with backup and data recovery software, it also works with third-party software. At the moment a 70GB drive costs $554.95, and 70GB disk costs $69.00.

Why REV drives?
When it comes to storing, reading, and editing data, the REV drives are faster than high capacity tapes, and they have a much longer shelf life (about 30 years). Also, it is very easy to take the drives off-site. As the amount of data in the world increases, the need for higher capacity storage increases.

Who could use a REV drive?
One of the main uses for these drives would for backing up and archiving of large amounts of data.
The REV drives are aimed for the storage needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Everything from medical practices to design firms.
The drives would also suit the needs multimedia professionals and enthusiasts who create and store large amounts of digital media content.
You can fit a lot of data on a 120GB disk, whether it be thousands of hours of music, or tens of thousands of photos.

Backup Software
The Iomega REV 120GB Backup Drives will come with EMC Retrospect Express for automated backup and disaster recovery.
This software may not be as sophisticated as other backup software which are capable of hard disk imaging. Read more about backup software at: backup-software

Some competing products include:
Quantum GoVault:
RDX removable disk:

A REV drive would be handy for any business that needs to archive and backup large amounts of data on a regular basis. Having a backup on an external disk/device is a good idea. A good backup strategy will also include storing the backups at multiple locations.

The development of such high capacity backup disk drives, means tape backups are gradually becoming history.