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The Bad News
Every single computer and hard drive will eventually die or become corrupted. Important files and data stored on them may be lost forever without any hope of salvation. Just imagine, never being able to access all your valuable files again, such as your emails, photos, important documents, software, ebooks, music, financial records, database files, etc...

Computing without a backup is like skydiving without a parachute. You are destined for disaster! Every fleeting second your data is free-falling towards digital doom! Your data may be wiped into oblivion by an infinite variety of evils, such as: hard disk failure, a lightning strike, a leaking roof, a short circuit, theft, fire, accidental deletion, hackers, a computer virus, etc... We may not know how or when disaster will strike, but we can be sure of one thing, disaster will strike!

The price of losing data can be very high! For a business, the time and cost of recreating lost data, combined with the cost of system downtime can be too much. Many businesses never recover from losing their data in a disaster.
The Good News
Digital salvation for your data is available! Whether you are a home computer user, or use computers for business, there is only one thing that can save you from digital doom and gloom, and that is having a backup! When disaster strikes, and you have recent backup copy of your data, all you need to do is restore the lost data from the backup, and you can continue computing as if nothing ever happened!

Some backup software can even backup an entire hard drive including the operating system, such as Windows Vista ™, Windows XP ™, etc. So when the computer fails, nothing needs to be reinstalled. You can restore the computer at any time to they way it was when  the backup "image" of the hard drive was made.

So, with the right backup software, and know-how, you can easily backup your precious data! This website is here to help you on that journey with articles, and reviews on various backup solutions. But fear not! For even though your information may be priceless, having backup has become cheaper and easier than ever before! In many cases a free backup solution may even suit your requirements!

Modern technology offers backup solutions that are so automated that they require little or no ongoing attention to stay up to date, so once it is activated, you don't have to worry about it again!

The destiny of your data is in your hands! Today is the day of digital salvation! Tomorrow may be too late to make a backup!



Important things to know about backup

What is a Backup?
A backup is a copy of any kind of data, created as a replacement for situations when the original is lost or corrupted due to things like: hard disk failure, accidental deletion, theft, flood, virus infection, etc.

The Need for Backup
If your data is of any value to you, you should back it up. Just as you would insure a car, if it were of value to you. A common reason people don't backup, is they think disaster won't happen to them, the truth is every single computer and hard drive will eventually die or become corrupted. It is only a matter of time.

When to Backup
The time to backup is now, not tomorrow. Most of us wouldn't feel safe driving around in an expensive car without having insurance, nor would we want to leave it parked in an unsafe neighbourhood. But the fact is, many of us compute daily with priceless data stored on our computer, without any backup plan if our computer crashes.

You can't get car insurance after you have crashed a car. Neither can you backup your data once it has been lost! You should protect your data from disasters and mishaps now, before it is too late.

An especially good time to backup your data is when you are about to delete, install, or uninstall something that may affect your computer system.

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