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Thieves can take your on-site backup

News Story:
Movie producer and writer Francis Ford Coppola (famous for films such as the Godfather trilogy) fell victim of theft. He lost computers and his backup device. The value of those was relatively small compared to the data stored on them.  He apparently lost files created over a span of 15 years, including writings and photographs. He has made a public appeal to the thieves to return the backup device.   read the rest of this article »

Backup Software
Article about backup software

What is backup software?
Backup software is any kind of program that automates or helps the process of creating secondary copies of data, so that the data wont be lost even if the original data source is lost or corrupted.

Why is backup software necessary?
All computers and hard disks will eventually fail. Most people are aware of this fact, and almost everybody knows they should backup their important files. But the truth is most people do not create backups, and those that do only create them irregularly! Why is it so? One of the main reasons is because creating backups manually is tedious, and time consuming. Good backup software solves that problem, because it automates the backup process. Also, backup software products offer features that would be impossible to achieve manually, for example creating complete copy of the hard disk.

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Tags: has released an extension (Google Browser Sync) for users of the Firefox browser that allows them to backup their bookmarks, passwords, profiles, themes, etc. in their Google account. So users can access all there browser data with any computer, at any time. Any changes are synchronized automatically. More info at:

Online Backup
(aka: Internet Backup, Web Backup, Electronic Vaulting, Remote Backup)

What is Online Backup?
Online backup is a method by which backup data is stored off-site via an Internet connection.

What is needed to be able to backup online?
A computer with an Internet connection. Backing up large files, would require a fast internet connection such as broadband (ADSL, Cable, DSL, etc).
A subscription to an online backup service.

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Important things to know about backup

What is a Backup?
A backup is a copy of any kind of data, created as a replacement for situations when the original is lost or corrupted due to things like: hard disk failure, accidental deletion, theft, flood, virus infection, etc.

The Need for Backup
If your data is of any value to you, you should back it up. Just as you would insure a car, if it were of value to you. A common reason people don't backup, is they think disaster won't happen to them, the truth is every single computer and hard drive will eventually die or become corrupted. It is only a matter of time.

When to Backup
The time to backup is now, not tomorrow. Most of us wouldn't feel safe driving around in an expensive car without having insurance, nor would we want to leave it parked in an unsafe neighbourhood. But the fact is, many of us compute daily with priceless data stored on our computer, without any backup plan if our computer crashes.

You can't get car insurance after you have crashed a car. Neither can you backup your data once it has been lost! You should protect your data from disasters and mishaps now, before it is too late.

An especially good time to backup your data is when you are about to delete, install, or uninstall something that may affect your computer system.

 read the rest of this article » is a leading provider of online backup.
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